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Signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction

The erection reflects condition of your both physical and also mental health. Insufficiency of erection arises because of various reasons, including illnesses, stress and problems in relations. Though the majority of men concern erection by a principle "all or anything"(erection is present or it isn't) actually they are mistaken. It is possible to make love with a partial erection. The man can have absolutely soft penis and, nevertheless, make love. Not taking into account hardness of a penis, man can experience all stages of excitation and finish with orgasm.

Signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction

If you aren't capable to have an erection from time to time, for example, during alcohol intoxication, but in most cases all passes well, it is normal. Normally as well that erection level fluctuates during making love.

If you precisely know, that you have problems with erection, and you want to cope with them, firstly, it is necessary to find out whether it is the reason physical or not? Before addressing a doctor and passing expensive medical examinations, ask yourself following questions:

  1. Is there an erection at night or in the morning when I wake up?
  2. There are erections at night or in the morning, but with the partner somehow it is impossible?
  3. Are there erections during masturbation, but not with the partner?

Healthy man has several erections at night and during masturbation. If you have answered "yes" not for all questions, your difficulty can have psychological roots. Sexual partner can help man to break a psychological barrier, however effective methods of treatment can be defined by the doctor only. To make your visit to the doctor easier, there are free hot lines and online consultations where the qualified experts anonymously answer all the questions, concerning erectile dysfunction and methods of its treatment.

Signs of psychogenic erectile dysfunction are:

  • The sudden beginning of disease;
  • problems in mutual relations;
  • Presence of night spontaneous erections;
  • Problems with erection have incidental character;
  • Restoration of a normal erection after elimination of an external problem.

If erectile dysfunction is caused by the organic reasons, it is usually accompanied by following symptoms:

  • The gradual beginning of disease;
  • Absence of spontaneous night erections;
  • Normal libido and ejaculation;
  • Regular disturbances of an erection.

For the majority of people sex relations is a very delicate theme, therefore men, suffering from erection’s disturbance, aspire to explain a problem with external factors, frequently in general they try to hide it. In spite of the fact that in 95 % of cases erectile dysfunction is curable, only 10 % of men, experiencing difficulties with potency, address a doctor.

Man doesn't go to the doctor, because he:

  • Is confused and bashful;
  • Waits condition to be improved by itself;
  • Doesn't aspire to active sexual life, and problems with erection aren't too important;
  • Considers that the problem will be too serious;
  • Is afraid that nothing can already help him.
There is a series of behavioural signs which allows to make the assumption that the man experiences difficulties with a potency even if he tries to pretend that everything is all right. It is necessary to start to worry, if he:
  • Avoids sexual contacts by various ways (comes home late, pleads fatigue, headache and etc.);
  • Never initiates sexual intercourse;
  • Ignores hints or direct offers.

The erection is not only a necessary component of high-grade sexual relations. It is also a natural reaction which meets among teenagers, young men, rarely at elderly and absolutely rarely among people of senile age. For example, a morning erection before awakening. It is bound with erotic dreamings, or with bladder overflow which is more often. The matter is that, when bladder is full impulses start to arrive from its walls to the spinal micturition center. When excitation of this center reaches appreciable degree, it grasps also the nearby erection center, and it leads to a penis strain. Depending on degree of excitation erection can be harder or softer, but never reaches level, characteristic for sexual affinity.

Morning erection is object of the most steadfast attention for many young men and men. The special anxiety among them causes weakening or the time termination of morning erections, which is bound with frightening word “an impotency” and all "tragical" following consequences. Original neurotic condition reminding a vicious circle of alarm appears. The more man thinks of "trouble", the rarer and weaker morning erection becomes. In such cases it is advised not to build excruciating guesses, and to address the doctor somewhat quicker.

Erection and ejaculation reflexes arise one after another however can be shown irrespective of this sequence. For example, long and strong enough erection without additional stimulation can stop, without having come to the end with an ejaculation. There are cases of allocation of a seed without a preliminary erection (it is advised, as soon as possible to address the doctor - in most cases it is curable). There can be chances of strong sexual excitation with all sensations inherent to ejaculation, but without it. It happens among teenagers when seed production wasn't adjusted yet, among young men who have excessive intensive sexual activity, among elderly and old people when formation of a semen and prostate juice either has considerably decreased, or has stopped absolutely. Dynamics of ejaculative functions change among women is the same.

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